Small Treasure on the Trail

along the trail-9456

Manhattan Beach, California.

A Postcard from Hooville

Rotunda at Dawn - BW - 9215-

Emerging from the shadows. The Rotunda. The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.

Waking Up on the Wrong Coast

Waking up in California-8414

Waking up on the wrong coast…The oddly comforting feeling of waking to the sunrise, knowing that it has already touched home.

Course Corrections

Swirling in the breeze, the chaos of course corrections. New York City, New York.

Out of the Tangle

Out of the Tangle - Hawk in Central Park-

Launching out from the tangle of branches, a hawk flies in Central Park. New York City, New York.

Hidden – Happy Earth Day


The earth provides constant examples of dichotomy as it is simultaneously delicate and powerful…beautiful and dangerous…Our impact on the planet will exacerbate those extremes…If we choose to destroy it, it will never cease to be a dangerous place…If we choose to embrace it and care for it, we will be sustained by it and forever marvel at its wonders… Each day as we walk our paths, we can apply a simple thought to help us choose the right course, “stay on the trail, watch where you step, and be careful of what you leave behind.”

Founder’s Day

Rotunda Founders Day-7068

Perfect weather for Founder’s Day and Mr. Jefferson’s University. The nascent beauty of an emerging spring cannot obscure the beauty of the omnipresent Rotunda. Happy Birthday, Mr. Jefferson.

Abandoned for the Season

Abandoned for Bear Season-

A trees house, vacant…abandoned for the season…As recently wakened black bears roam freely in the commons. Crozet, Virginia.

Fencing in the Heavens

Fenced In-6578

An evening drive along the backroads of Central Virginia. Greene County, Virginia.

Treasure in a Dry Creek Bed

Creek Bed-5413

Along the Cassidy Trail in Red Canyon. Panguitch, Utah.

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