Abstract Landscape – Distance

Abstract Landscape - Relocated Stone-9952

Rising terrain and stone faces ripple across the landscape casting shadows into valleys and telling stories of ancient earthly dramas…A question of distance, but not one of perspective…From my years of taking serendipitous photographs from the air, I have gained a sense of perspective and a manner of looking at the landscape for its emotive traits while forgetting concerns of rightside-up and upside-down. Bringing this a little closer to home, this perspective can be applied to daily sights in our own backyards…No matter whether on earth or in the stratosphere, forget where your feet are and enjoy the view. Lexington, Virginia.


Misty Strides

Winter Storm Approaching-3896

A winter storm approaches, creeping slowly in rolling misty strides across the Blue Ridge Mountains, casting sleet and freezing rain into the small valleys with each frosted breath. Madison, Virginia.

Waterlines and Winter’s Green


The waterline has been well below normal for months…but along with the summer weather in February, the water level has miraculously returned almost to normal. These two photographs were taken one week apart…Once again, the gently rippling water laps along the edges of moss and lichen covered rocks…winter’s green. Crozet, Virginia.


Life Interrupted

Lane town Road is the route that I take to Mint Springs for morning hikes…This morning the road was clogged with rescue workers and police and the railroad crossing blocked by a train. A hike was not in the cards, but the gravity of this scene is far greater than that minor inconvenience…A life was interrupted and a young man will not be going home today, meanwhile others are now at UVA Hospital. Our thoughts and prayers are with these men and their families. Crozet, Virginia.

Exploring an Intimate Mountaintop

An Intimate Summit-2125Spying from the Summit-2101

There’s a new trail on Little Yellow Mountain. It still has the soft feeling underfoot of walking on a spongy forest floor and it leads to an intimate mountaintop marked with simple cairns. As the sun rose over the surrounding ridge lines to illuminate this small round wooded top, we felt a sense of being in a small private room in the wood, enjoying the view of the sunlight warming the forest while the morning shadows retreated down into the hollow below. Crozet, Virginia.

Conservation of Spirit

Color on a bleak winter morning-5680

A simple morning hike in the midst of winter, bleakness abounds the forest of the piedmont…but just as our senses are dulled by the wet grey-green muddied chaos, a brilliance pops from the shadows and, in heightening our senses, reminds us that every life gives way to another, everything flourishes in its turn, and colors emerge from bleakness in a sort of conservation of the spirit. Albemarle County, Virginia.

Buddy’s Canoe

Buddy's Canoe-2

It’s late January in Albemarle County and all signs of winter have temporarily vanished from the landscape…so, naturally, we decided to go for an afternoon paddle. Camden, my Labrador Retriever, questioned both my logic and sanity but acquiesced and joined me in our kayak. The paddling was a joy on the rolling water…until we left the shelter of the trees for the open water and discovered a steady, twenty knot breeze out of the south, kicking up spray and stymying our progress. Though the air temperature was over sixty degrees, this was indeed a winter wind…On the trust front, I had promised my friend that we would find birds and they (being wiser than us) were nowhere to be seen on the water…but along came Buddy in his canoe…a kindred spirit enjoying a rough ride in the wind…and all was forgiven. Beaver Creek, Crozet, Virginia.



Some tell us where we are going; some tell us where we have been…some tell us what we have accomplished, while others tell us what we have left to do…coming and going, marking and measuring the way…no matter how we look at the markers, a day spent on the trail is the mark of living life well. Albemarle County, Virginia.

Snow Day

Snowday - Join the Party-5171

On school days, we wander the trails alone in perfect solitude…but, today is a snow day and it’s time to join the party. Crozet, Virginia.

Patterns Revealed

Crozet's Winter Patterns-1106

With the removal of the growing season’s canopy, the underlying patterns of the landscape are revealed…As the orchard rolls away across the hillside, a swirling pattern emerges as it follows the contour of the land. Crozet, Virginia.

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