Blending In

Blending In - sepia-0994

Reflections and reality blend into a single dizzying canvas onto which a Blue Heron paints itself, blending into the landscape as she hides in plain sight. Shoal Creek, Austin, Texas.



Wake Warming-0875

The afternoon silence of the commons was broken by the cacophonic sound of an enormous wake of vultures launching from the forest, crashing into the sky as if shattering the glassy air with the dull snapping of wet beach towels amid the guttural complaints of the frigid birds. Crozet, Virginia.

Afternoon Escapes

As the day slips away, long shadows and reflected light add texture to an afternoon escape on the streets of downtown LA. Los Angeles, California.

Rolling through Shadows

Evening Ride through the Hollow-5066

Breaking the the long lines of shadow of an early, December evening in the forest, a mountain biker rolls through the hollow, momentarily illuminated by streaks of fading light. Crozet, Virginia.

Stand by Me

Stand By Me - Montmartre-2

Wandering a foreign place, we hear a song and sense a building crowd…Forgetting the our planned destination, we follow the sound of music onto a side street where we join together, making new friends, sharing a song…all of us foreigners, all of us together…we answer the call to Stand by Me…Monmartre, Paris, France.

Stand By Me - Montmartre-1925


Memories of Autumn

Standing by the Creek-1

The echoes of trees standing bare along the creek reverberate cooly through our memories…starkness and warmth occupying the same space. Albemarle County, Virginia.

Appropriate Attire

The Rotunda, tastefully decked for the holidays, provides a simple and conservative backdrop for both the end of the semester and the season’s festivities. The University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.


Visit my collected scenes of The University of Virginia.


Following the light-1

Following the light through the forest, beyond the trail…an exit, an entrance, a beginning, an end…an adventure. Light paints the air and fills the space between us. Albemarle County, Virginia.

A Work in Progress


Deconstructing the Rotunda

The University of Virginia, A Work in Progress Since 1819 

In the spirit of its founder, Thomas Jefferson, The University of Virginia is forever a work in progress, both literally and figuratively. This photograph seeks to capture the sense of timelessness in that pursuit. The University recently kicked off a two year celebration of the bicentennial of its founding in 1819.

Prints of the photograph taken during its most recent renovation may be purchased from my portfolio web site by following this link.


Reflecting on the Porch

The Perfect Porch-5963

As snow begins to dust distant mountaintops, we are treated to a day of fleeting autumn weather…warm in the sun, but cool enough in the shade to foretell of the approach of cooler weather… and we look back for a moment in perfect reflection on the passing season, as if to capture its warmth to carry us through the winter…we place our deck chairs on the porch, arrayed to create a perfect reflection, holding our spot until the return of warmer weather brings us back to our special places.

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