Watching the Sunset-0374

The transitioning light illuminates the way as we sit and listen in the sunset…the silence grows as the distant noise of birds flattens and softens…in a moment the soft trill of tree frogs will build and fill in the silence, but, in this moment, all is quiet…Ironically, my friend is no fan of the water. I promise her that we’ll chase the geese that we inevitably encounter and I believe that gives her the motivation to get in the boat…but, she is only here for me. She knows I need the water, the calm and serenity, the one-sided conversation, the opportunity to immerse myself in the scene, and she hides her boredom as I shoot a thousand frames. We are companions on our path… Listening is the essence of companionship.  We are all companions…We need to take the time to listen, even if we’re not good at it, because we all need to talk…and even a one sided conversation can warm the soul and inform our spirits that we are not alone. If you don’t have someone to listen and you need a lifeline, use this: Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (800-273-8255).


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