In Concert

White on Water - Geese and Trees-1130

The reflections of white breasts of Canada Geese create a broken pattern on the creek, its rhythm completed by the reflection of a lone tree trunk…visual music painted on the water’s surface…motion and stillness in concert. Albemarle County, Virginia.


Render unto Caesar

Tribute Unto Caesar-4192

Nearly two millennia later, the rendering continues at the site of Julius Caesar’s funeral pyre. The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy.

Blurring Lines

Marveling at the converging lines of bicycles and statues on the logia while masses of tourists blur the space between. Firenze, Italy.

Heart on the Street

One of the fun things about travel is to see how different people express themselves. We step outside of our cozy environment and experience something new…and when we can appreciate it, regardless of understanding, we broaden our perspectives. Firenze, Italy.

Art and Tattoo

I recently saw The David in Firenze. Forever youthful, I should not have been surprised, he was sporting more tattoos than I thought appropriate to his lineage. It was merely artful graffiti on the path to L’Accademia…but still I wondered, “will he look at those tats with regret in another 500 years?” Firenze, Italy.

The Best Tool

The best tool for the job is the one you have in your hand. When stymied by closely spaced fencing, I abandoned my large 35mm camera and lens and put my iPhone 8 Plus to work. The camera is great and the result was interesting (in a good way). Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.

A Willing Subject

She waits at his foot, in the cool of the shadows, mildly interested in a scramble of squirrels. She’s a willing model and a great sport. Charlottesville, Virginia.


Washington Shadows-0524

Commuting isn’t so bad, if we allow ourselves to pull over for moments of inspiration. The distinct line of shadow dividing the sky above the Washington Monument sparked my interest and I pulled over to participate in the scene…It made my day, seemingly, before it had even begun. We can’t always choose when we work and play, but allowing ourselves to pause, to stop and enjoy a moment, adds worth to our day and makes even the dreariest predawn drive to work enjoyable and interesting. Take a pause and make the most of where you are.

Headlong into the Squall

headlong into the gale-2136

As a squall line passes across the inlet, an intrepid sailor races headlong into the back side of the squall, all the while standing at the helm of the zodiac. Orr’s Island, Maine.

Postcards from The Lawn (VI)

Thinking back to the time we spent walking in the shadows of The Lawn, dreamlike images come flooding back into our waking thoughts. Timeless snapshots of the Academical Village and memories of our youthful selves. The University of Virginia. Charlottesville, Virginia.

This is the sixth installment of a small collection of postcards from The Lawn. Prints available here.

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