Illuminating Community

Crozet’s Independence Day Fireworks Celebration is an amazing community event…a time to gather, a time to celebrate, a time to build on friendships. As in every community, events like this don’t happen by accident, they happen because of the hard work of a committed few who take on the task because they know how much better it makes our community when we gather in celebration and fellowship. Thank you to the volunteers and organizers who make this happen each year, you make our community a better place. ….As each of you enjoy the celebrations in your communities this week, please stop to thank the unsung heroes who make the magic happen…they make your communities better places too.


A Focus on Fishing


With an intense focus, a Blue Heron fishes the shallows of Beaver Creek. Crozet, Virginia.

Rise and Fall

Meachums Depot - Trestle-1224

Just down the road, a railroad trestle crosses the Mechums River a few yards away from where General Jackson and his men boarded the train to embark on the Valley Campaign…Each day as I pass under the trestle, I observe the kudzu and creeper climbing the skeletal steel structure above while lines of lime mark the slow movement of water down the face of its stone and concrete support structure…Rising and falling…Rapid growth and slow decay. A silent landmark consumed by the background, mostly unnoticed except for the momentary flickers of shadow across the dashboards of passing cars. Mechums Depot – Crozet, Virginia.

The Garden Door

The Garden Door-1151

As the summer sun heats our days and slows down the pace of everything, a pass through the garden door onto a sun dappled path provides a cool escape from the weather and a dreamlike respite. Garden – Pavilion I, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia.

A Committed Fisherman

In the first few moments of daylight, a Blue Heron fishes the shallows along the creek. His commitment admirable, he moves from hole to hole, face in the water, slashing at his prey. A beautiful element in a pastoral summer scene, his artful motion, captured in rippled reflections, animates the still water. Crozet, Virginia.

Love Your Space

Love Your Space-0885

In the moments before sunrise, the tree glitter clouds the reflections of green trees and blue mountains creating a dream within a dream…Is it any wonder why we love Central Virginia?


Jarman's Gap-0745

Stepping across the tracks, we are immersed in the essence of this place…the railroad, peach orchards, mountains, and sky at once come into view telling the story of this place. Jarman’s Gap, Crozet, Virginia.


Watching the Sunset-0374

The transitioning light illuminates the way as we sit and listen in the sunset…the silence grows as the distant noise of birds flattens and softens…in a moment the soft trill of tree frogs will build and fill in the silence, but, in this moment, all is quiet…Ironically, my friend is no fan of the water. I promise her that we’ll chase the geese that we inevitably encounter and I believe that gives her the motivation to get in the boat…but, she is only here for me. She knows I need the water, the calm and serenity, the one-sided conversation, the opportunity to immerse myself in the scene, and she hides her boredom as I shoot a thousand frames. We are companions on our path… Listening is the essence of companionship.  We are all companions…We need to take the time to listen, even if we’re not good at it, because we all need to talk…and even a one sided conversation can warm the soul and inform our spirits that we are not alone. If you don’t have someone to listen and you need a lifeline, use this: Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (800-273-8255).

In Their Wake

Chaos following pomp and circumstance-0323

The speeches have ended, Pomp and Circumstance has been played, the graduates have processed, and the guests have made their way to their cars. A joyous occasion with bittersweet goodbyes amid grand celebrations, although long anticipated, comes to a sudden end. As we stand amid the scattered chairs, like so much flotsam in the wake of the graduates, we ponder the future and look forward to whatever may come next. Crozet, Virginia.


A View of Light - Mist Rising-9554

Skimming along the water’s surface, watching the clear line between heaven and earth at the moment when the sun first kisses the earth…In this glancing touch, the balance between light and dark is captured in the reflection, the morning mist acting as the sole transgressor, seemingly escaping from the reflective plane into the atmosphere above…swirling wisp, by swirling wisp…Meanwhile, colors emerge around the shadows’ edges as though escaping the receding darkness that frames the morning. Crozet, Virginia.

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