Early Days of Autumn

First Days of Autumn in the Hollow-2107

The early days of autumn in the hollow can be likened to the smell of smoke on the wind in advance of a brilliant red sunset…just a hint of the smells and the avalanche of colors to follow. Crozet, Virginia.


Green Shades

Along the Trail - Green Shades-2552

Working to get started along the trail, sniffing each rock and blade of grass, my friend seems unmotivated to move deeper into the woods…Pausing to examine the beautiful green shade being cast upon a Beech trunk by a juvenile strand of ivy, my companion, no doubt, wonders whether I will get motivated to move deeper into the woods. The details of the forest are a world unto themselves. Crozet, Virginia.

Autumn Begins in the Hollow

Hollow Autumn Begins-2008

A quiet spot to picnic by the side of the road as the tide of leaves slowly rises to meet the river banks. Along the Moorman’s River, Sugar Hollow, Crozet, Virginia.

The Chasm or the Summit

Angel's Landing - Pondering the Climb-4750

Do we stop to contemplate the chasm or the summit…Though the journey is difficult and the path is narrow, our concerns are not about what we wish to achieve, instead they are what we wish to avoid…The way to our goal is the line that divides the climb from the fall. Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park, Utah.

A Narrow Path

We walk a narrow path that drops away into the canyon as though tightrope walking across the abyss…maintaining balance and sense of direction, driving forward, thinking of the summit, we effortlessly make our way, never thinking of the canyon floor below. The trail to Angel’s Landing as seen from the summit. Zion National Park, Utah.

An Unfolding Story – UVA200

As The University of Virginia embarks on its third century, the University and Charlottesville community paused to celebrate the unfolding story of its bicentennial highlighting important historical moments that have impacted its present along with a look toward the future.

A Little More Summer

A Little More of This-2As the days grow shorter, I think back to the glorious light of summer and think that we could all use a little more of this. Harpswell, Maine.


Golden Gate - Marshall's Beach-0233

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Marshall’s Beach. San Francisco, California.

Unsettling Images


Ever shoot something and feel unsettled by something in the image? Rightsize up or Upside down, I can’t make the feeling, that something is not right, go away. Crispness of reflections and merged layers coupled with the high frequency blur along the shoreline. Lexington, Virginia.

Weathering on the Island

Weathering on the Island-2117

Weathering a late afternoon storm blowing across the Gulf of Maine. Orr’s Island, Maine.

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