Following the light-1

Following the light through the forest, beyond the trail…an exit, an entrance, a beginning, an end…an adventure. Light paints the air and fills the space between us. Albemarle County, Virginia.


A Work in Progress


Deconstructing the Rotunda

The University of Virginia, A Work in Progress Since 1819 

In the spirit of its founder, Thomas Jefferson, The University of Virginia is forever a work in progress, both literally and figuratively. This photograph seeks to capture the sense of timelessness in that pursuit. The University recently kicked off a two year celebration of the bicentennial of its founding in 1819.

Prints of the photograph taken during its most recent renovation may be purchased from my portfolio web site by following this link.


Reflecting on the Porch

The Perfect Porch-5963

As snow begins to dust distant mountaintops, we are treated to a day of fleeting autumn weather…warm in the sun, but cool enough in the shade to foretell of the approach of cooler weather… and we look back for a moment in perfect reflection on the passing season, as if to capture its warmth to carry us through the winter…we place our deck chairs on the porch, arrayed to create a perfect reflection, holding our spot until the return of warmer weather brings us back to our special places.

Two Views

Wandering through the corridor that traverses the basement of Mr. Jefferson’s Monticello, the ground level Palladian windows provide an external view of the grounds and aide in dressing up something wholly functional…the windows are part of how we are intended to see this place, but they simultaneously cast light on the hidden foundation walls, yielding a starkly textured perspective of an internal view…black shadows and whitewashed stone, unadorned but meaningful…a ghostly view of a formal architectural detail. Charlottesville, Virginia.

Banking Sunshine

Storing the Light-3859

Autumn roars through the peach orchard in an apparent attempt to bank all the sunshine of the season…the leaves radiate in what should be shadow. Crozet, Virginia.


RR Crossing Jarmans Gap-3860

Peach trees drape the landscape with their long yellow leaves as if a curtain swaying in a gentle autumn breeze awaiting a great reveal of the advancing season. Railroad Crossing at Jarman’s Gap, Crozet, Virginia.

Autumnal Light

Autumn Light-4291

Along the banks of Lickinghole Creek, thinning but colorful trees cover the incline of the steeply sloping hills that roll into the meadow below, their colorful hues revealed by dawn’s backlighting…They reflect the warm value of autumnal light into the void created by the falling canopy. Crozet, Virginia.

Rolling into Crozet…A Season Passes

Rolling into Crozet-3895

The rails keep rolling through town, just as autumn continues to roll down the mountainside…the passage of time measured by the advance of the rails as their monochrome structures are gradually colored by the colorful mosaic of freshly fallen leaves. Crozet, Virginia.

Fallen Ginkgos and Frosted Berries

Seemingly shedding its leaves all at once…Fall is over for the Ginkgo as a hoar frost traces the scalloped edges of its fallen leaves…The frost attacks the wild raspberries with the same vigor, signaling the end of the season.

Seasons of Seven Oaks – A Yellow Season

Seasons of Seven Oaks - Yellow Days of Autumn-3851

Summing up the allure of Central Virginia in one flowing frame…In this yellow season, the foliage highlights the motion of grapevines as they roll through the vineyard while the shadows of supporting structures guide our eyes to the horizon. It’s autumn in Albemarle and her true colors are revealed. Seven Oaks Vineyard, Greenwood, Virginia.

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